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MY name is CHIDIEBERE ALOZIE, I’m the Founder of CHLOZ TECHNOLOGY LTD, Nigeria’s first Motorized Remote Control ATS company in Nigeria. What that means is that I pioneer the Motorized Remote Control Change Over switch you see in many Estates in Lagos and Abuja.

My TVC SME session interview video:

about chloz technology

Since 2004

CHLOZ TECHNOLOGY LTD (CTL) is an engineering company specialised in assembling and installing Automatic Changeover Switches for diesel-powered generators. The unique feature of our Automatic Transfer Switch that has earned us much recognition and patronage by home owners and businesses is that it is operated by a Remote Control.

There is nothing quite like the luxury of having a diesel generator and operating it right from the comfort of your bedroom without stepping outside to do so.
At CTL, we ensure that your electrical power transfer from Generator to Mains(and vice versa) is smooth, seamless and safe for everyone.

Because your money is hard-earned,we ensure, through discipline and dedication,that we deliver value that will exceed your expectations.